Why We #LoveAbingdon!

With the majority of our team having lived in Abingdon for over 30 years, we thought we’d tell you why we #LoveAbingdon! 

Abingdon: Also known as Abingdon On Thames or Abingdon-On-Thames (with hyphens!) is rich in culture, history, fantastic educational centres, growing employment opportunities and a healthy population of approximately 35,000 inhabitants. 

If you’re thinking of buying a home or relocating to Abingdon, then we’d always advise you to come and enjoy a long weekend and take the time to soak up the culture and visit one of our many places of interest.

Accessibility and public transport

Conveniently located just 6 miles south of Oxford with the A34 providing easy access to the M4 and M40 motorways. London can be reached in under an hour from Didcot Railway Station, which is a 15 min drive away. Abingdon benefits from local bus services which run at regular intervals or you can use our local friendly taxi service @abingdontaxi 

Abingdon history & places of interest

Abingdon is England’s oldest, continuously occupied town Walk.About.Abingdon will tell you! (If you do pay a visit they can offer guided walks and tours of our most famous architecture, monuments and beautiful countryside). Here are a handful of Abingdon's main historical attractions:-

  • Abingdon County Hall Museum Situated by the main market square, the beautiful Baroque building was designed by a protégé of Sir Christopher Wren between 1678-1682. Once hailed as the grandest town hall in Britain and now in trust of the English Heritage. Admission is free and the museum is open 10am-4pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays, throughout the year. 
  • Abingdon Bridge has provided a walkway across the the River Thames for over 600 years! Originally built in 1416 and widened in later years. A beautiful landmark which is definitely worth seeing on your travels, and conveniently located near to St Helens church.
  • St Helens Church has always been Abingdon’s principal church and was first documented in the 10th century. The ceiling paintings in its Lady Chapel are of great artistic importance and date from the late 14th century. 
  • The Abbey Gateway dating from around the 15th century was the main entrance of Abingdon Abbey. Superstition prevails you must hold your breath when walking through else the gargoyles will take it away!
  • Abingdon Abbey ancient site Reported to have once been the same size as Westminster Abbey, all that remains of Abingdon’s Abbey is a handful of gateways that have been rebuilt using the old stone. None-the-less it provides an idyllic spot for picnics and a play area for the children!  

For a full list of historic buildings in Abingdon you can refer to the Abingdon Area Archaeological and Historical Society

Things to do in Abingdon

From guided walks and tours, to narrow boat hire, trips and excursions to cookery classes with the Women’s Institution (WI) at Denman College. Abingdon has something for visitors of all ages!  See the Visit Abingdon website for a full list of activities. 

Trip Advisor also provides a great breakdown of activities and things to do in Abingdon, with many of the listings receiving the certificate of excellence.

Abingdon traditions 

Nice Buns!

A far cry from the tradition of running from bulls in Pamplona, Abingdon’s age old tradition involves local dignitaries throwing buns from the roof tops of the Abingdon County Hall Museum into crowds assembled in the market square! Sadly, this wholesome activity is restricted to special occasions such as royal weddings, jubilees and coronations. Visitors of the museum can admire buns dating back to 19th century bun throwing!      

We're not saying the grass in greener… but we do #LoveAbingdon - plan your visit today!