Love At First Sight: Six Tips For Boosting Kerb Appeal To Sell Your Home

First impressions count and kerb appeal can make all the difference between making or breaking a deal on your house.

According to a survey of 2,000 homeowners by Barclays Mortgages, people take, on average, 10 seconds to decide whether they like a house by looking at the exterior.

And 44% of people would ask for between 10 and 20% off the asking price; that means you could lose up to £57,000 off the price of the average house in England for want of a tin of paint or an hour tidying the garden!

A property sometimes needs some TLC to look its best, but we tend to put our efforts into the interior when it’s our own home - new kitchen, loft extension, swanky furniture. We sometimes neglect the exterior until we want to sell.

But first impressions count and you don’t want prospective buyers to take one look at your frontage and drive away without even getting out of their car, so here a few simple things you can do that could turn a viewing into a case of love at first sight.

Tidy up

You don’t need to spend a penny to make a big difference. You may have got used to that old bike chained to your fence but it will put strangers off. Take any rubbish down to the tip or recycling centre where it belongs and make sure there are no unsightly bins or bags waiting to be emptied when there’s a viewing.

Spruce up the garden

Barclays, 58% of people are turned off by an untidy front garden. So mow the grass, tidy your beds and clip the hedge; a house always looks better with a bit of tidy greenery out front. If you just have gravel or concrete to park the car on, put a planter with a small tree or shrub by your front door.

Touch up your paintwork 

The weather in the UK is a challenge to any building, so freshening up your window frames, rendering and, most importantly, your front door makes a big difference.

Make an entrance

Speaking of front doors, make sure yours has tidy, clean and polished furniture (handles, knockers and letterboxes). And replace your old, chipped or faded house number or name plaque with something more up to date.

Replace the tiles

Did your roof lose a few tiles after the last storm? Making sure the roof is in good order will give viewers the impression that you’re on top of your maintenance and there won’t be any unpleasant surprises in the loft, like damp. And make sure that guttering and drainpipes aren’t hanging off your house.

See through your windows

It may be a simple step, but make sure window panes have been washed. They are the eyes of the soul of a home and should add a sparkle to your property. And make sure your frames aren’t rotten.

Expert help for selling your property

If you’re selling a property in the Abingdon area, you need a partner with experience and knowledge of the local market and what potential buyers are looking for.

To present your home in the best way for the best result, contact Simpsons of Abingdon or simply give us a ring on 01235 520079. We’d be happy to advise you.